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Some bits and pieces made to help me make bits and pieces, and so on….

Its strange how you spend as much time making jigs and tool as you do actually making things with them, only problem is I only ever do short runs of items so it takes time but improves consistency and quality

A pair of 4 jaw chuck quick adjust keys

These are used together at opposite sides of the 4 jaw chuck to quickly centre materials

A vice stop for the milling machine, one of the first tools I made for it

The steel parts were chemically blackened which works well, cannot yet get a decent blackened finish on alloy parts though - will be able to once I get setup for anodising and dyeing

A prototype camera strobe arm

The ends are 25mm turned aluminium with a groove for an O ring for better grip, the arm was just a bit of stock from the stock pile that was 8mm internal so worked OK for testing

A 4 way lathe stop.

This has a spring detente so that the end section rotates and clicks into one of four place stops.

Used to setup multiple stops on the lathe - available for sale in 4 way and 5 way versions

An SDS to Morse taper 2 convertor to allow an SDS drill to use Morse Taper drills - a proper custom job