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Torch head, Version 2, the shiny one

Version 2 of the torch head holds a T6 3 LED module, rated at a claimed 3800 lumens and noticeably brighter than the single LED Version 1 head

The LED module supports 5 modes; high, medium, low, SOS Strobe and fast strobe

The head is machined from solid aluminium and polished


By placing the module slightly back from the lens the beam is kept narrow

Shown above fitted on a nice stainless Goodman style handle picked up from DynaRob on thediveforum.com and polished

The head is probably strong enough for clubbing any passing wildlife or trainee divers and could be made a good bit lighter

Lens is 10mm Lexan polycarbonate with multiple O rings to seal it

Rear cable gland is a nice stainless steel gland I recently found a source for

Issues with the Version 2 torch head