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A simple umbilical dive torch, Version 1

This is about the simplest umbilical dive torch you can make, a piece of delrin bored out to take a T6 single LED module, a Piezo switch to turn on or change mode, a basic battery canister containing a battery pack and a main on/off switch on the canister.

The loop of webbing and bungy attaches it to your wing waist strap and away you go.

Output is a claimed 1800 lumens but realistically is probably closer to 1200 or 1000 and by having a long torch head with a polished aluminium tube between the LED module and the lens you get a very tight beam which was what I was after.

The Goodman style handle was made from a piece of 12mm delrin knurled for grip and some offcuts of black HDPE, plastic, cheap and cheerful but it works

The module has 3 different brightness settings and two strobe type flashing modes

Close up of the torch head; the LED module is housed in a large aluminium heat sink which has a polished tube attached to it so that the beam is constrained into a narrow beam

The battery canister lid showing the main switch and the switch protector around it

Battery pack is 8.4v 4AH

Switch is mini toggle switch rated at 3 amps

Detail showing the plastic Goodman style handle which was made up from offcuts and a short piece of 12mm delrin rod which was knurled for better grip

I’d read somewhere that Acetal/Delrin is difficult to get a decent knurl on so ignored that and just had a go and it appears to work very successfully

The piezo switch is wired directly to the LED module and switches it on and then between the different modes

Decent peizo switches can be very expensive but will work at any pressure as they operate by change of pressure rather than the pressure of a push to click

I am looking at making some sealed push switches like those on a camera housing and magnetic switches, both from a cost effectiveness point of view

Torch head front, 10mm Lexan polycarbonate lens sandwiched with seals between the main torch body and the front ring

Initial design was to have a threaded body and a screw on front but this is both easier to build, easier to seal, and also reduces the size of the torch head

Issues with the Version 1 torch