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In Progress;

Torch head Versions 2, 3

I am currently machining a couple of heads to take two new LED modules; a 5 LED module and a 6 LED module, both rated at 2000 lumens, these will be small heads with no piezo switch so all control is done by flicking the main switch on and off to change mode or better still a second momentary switch

My intention is to run some side by side comparisons of the T6, R2, and Q5 LED modules to see which perform best under water as well as comparing run times, loads, temperature as well

Torch head Version 4

I am also working on a small simple single LED module based on the same module and battery pack as Version 1 to make a tiny umbilical with approximately 4 hours battery life and 3 modes; high, low, and flashing

The head will be just big enough to hold the module and gland to connect to so even allowing for a piece of polished tube to keep the beam narrow it should be close to half the length of Version 1

This version will be the same as Version 2 and 3 in that it won’t have any controls other than on the battery, I may look at fitting a piezo or similar on the battery pack and use multi-core cable to the head so that the modes can be changed easily or better still look at my old idea of having the switch at the end of the part of the handle that you grip so that it is directly under your thumb

5 x Cree R2 White Light Drop-in LED Module

6 x Cree Q5 WB 5-Mode White Light Drop-in LED Module