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After some requests I decided to make a kit to enable a home-builder to make their own torch head from off-the-shelf parts using minimal tools and at minimal cost

Torch Head Kit Version 1 was born - designed to use the 5 or 6 Cree LED modules that are widely available at very reasonable cost

The target modules;

5 x Cree R2 White Light Drop-in LED Module


6 x Cree Q5 WB 5-Mode White Light Drop-in LED Module

Both widely available sub-£20 modules

The basic kit;

A turned Acetal housing shaped internally to take either of the above modules with an 8mm stepped Lexan polycarbonate lens and single O ring seal

As standard there is no gland hole - see below for options

The front of the head showing external 1.5mm pitch threads, the O ring groove, and the internal shaping

O ring in place, also shows the internal shaping, there is extra space behind the module to take an alternative driver or power controller if required

The front bezel showing internal threads

The lens and O ring, the black dot is to signify the inside face

The lens is stepped to fit inside the barrel O ring and inside the front bezel

The lens in place; 8mm centre

Options; The torch head is supplied undrilled as standard as there are many options for glands, strain relief, or switches

This shows a range of the simplest glands, stainless steel and plastic, and a sub-miniature switch and boot

For scale the switch thread is only 6mm

Making a lens; start with a piece of Lexan polycarbonate, this is 8mm but I have made 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm lenses

Lenses lose some thickness due to the steps cut in the edge to get better location and sealing

My low-tech lens turning kit; a couple of offcuts with O rings to grip the lens without marking it

Lens turning in action

The lens is turned round to the required diameter and then stepped to fit the torch head kit

A completed 5 LED head

A completed 6 LED head