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Our current torch head range includes heads containing from a single LED to ones containing six LEDs with output ranging from approximately 1,000 lumens to approximately 6,000 lumens. We say approximately as suppliers make some claims of very high output from some modules and if you go by the suppliers rated output we would have a range of 1,800 lumens to 10,000+ lumens which is unrealistic.

We will be publishing some beam shots and lux readings from all of our torches soon.

We are also working one a range of video lights using LEDs outputting up to 30 watts / 2,400 lumens some of which use COB flat LEDs which give out a very even light with no hot spot

My first torch head design - single LED, four mode, used for a good few years for all sorts of diving and powered by a small lithium ion battery pack, the battery canister is barely bigger than the torch head but gives more than 6 hours burn time on full power.

My standard torch; three LEDs, multi-mode

The one thing I don’t like about this LED module is that the driver powers one LED for low, two for medium, and all three for high rather than use all three all the time. I’m still trying to find a better driver but may standardise on the four or five LED modules used below

New four LED head; full power, low power and strobe, all four LEDs are powered in each mode so you get a better beam and a much better hot spot that the three LED module above

Good hot spot with spread lighting as well.

New five LED head; same modes and powering as the four LED module but noticeably more power

This is probably going to be my standard build from now on

Good hot spot with spread lighting as well.

New six LED prototype; the new six LED head will look like the five and four heads above

Even more power with a nice hot spot plus spread beam

When I get chance this will be put into a head as well and then the range will go from single to seven LEDs

I have just received a nine LED module and have found a supplier who does a fourteen LED module that puts out something over 12,000 lumens but you would need a serious battery pack for it

Rear of the new heads; the body will be a one piece design with the only seal being around the lens on the front to remove a potential point of failure

All my heads use a piezo switch which is unaffected by depth and I’m hoping to get some beam shots and testing down to 100m soon

The cable shown on the left is just the tail - the heads can be supplied with either standard cable, E/O cables, or soon with my inline waterproof connectors so that heads can be removed and changed

Torches can be supplied as a complete package such as the three LED one one the left complete with battery canister, battery, charger, Goodman style handle, and thumb loop

Most battery packs are Nickel Metal Hydride but I can source Lithium Ion or even Nickel Cadmium if preferred, all chargers are the intelligent type and some come with a 12volt plug so you can charge in the car or on the boat

We also do battery checkers which enable you to do a quick voltage check for NiMh or capacity check for Lion battery packs

Or alternatively battery canisters can be supplied, with or without battery packs and chargers, with standard cable, E/O connectors, or soon with my own waterproof disconnectable connectors so for example a torch and video light could be swapped over before a dive

Battery canisters can also have multiple outlets, for example one switched for a heated suit and one unswitched for a torch

If you don’t see what you want just contact me and I’ll call and we can chat about what you would like