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Baby canister: size 50mm internal by 145mm internal height.

Has 50mm belt attachments.

Goodman style handle, many variations available:

with thumb loop,

camera mounting,

arm attachment ball,

custom mount for torch or camera,

GoPro mounts, etc.

Propeller puller kits and Cutlass Bearing Removal and Replacement kit

This shows two different kits together

Almost any size can be made to order: to order we need to know prop shaft size, bearing outer diameter, and bearing length

This is the Cutlass Bearing Removal and Replacement Kit

Setup for removal

We can also make the type designed for cutlass bearings that are in the hull and the remover uses a single threaded bar that passes from the inside of the hull, through the bearing to tue outside and pulls the bearing out of the hull and can then be used to push the new one back in again

We also make a Southerly cutlass bearing remover, this fits onto the small amount of cutlass bearing that is visible and pulls the bearing out as access to the cutlass bearing on a Southerly is only available from the outside

What's in a Southerly specific kit: fittings and a slide hammer to pull the bearing

This was a custom Cutlass Bearing Pusher designed to be used inside the boat and to push the bearing out through the hull.

Access was very limited and it consisted of a clamp fitting onto the prop shaft, two different lengths of bolts and two different lengths of split bushes so that the bearing could be gradually pushed out.

This was a good example of us taking a sketch of an idea and, in conjunction with the client, customising the design to suit exactly what the client needed - this is just the sort of project we enjoy.

Rotabroach type cutter holder holders

Available in:

Straight shank for use in collets

Triangular shank for use in drill chuck

Morse Taper 2 or 3 for lathe, mill, or drilling machine (removable tang, metric or imperial)

and SDS shank for use in an SDS drill

SDS shank version can also be supplied with an additional smooth or triangular shank if required