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We have made an assortment of rebreather parts, both prototypes such as the cell checker for a Deep Pursuit head and simple items such as the head and hose bungs and the scrubber stack and head covers

We have also made a BOV mod - a stainless knurled extension lever to make operating the bail out lever easier

We can make custom fittings and adaptors from sketches or plans

Spare head bolts, one brass and one stainless

Tops knurled for easy grip

9/16" bungs, male & female, for hoses

Prototype cell checker for Deep Pursuit head

Scrubber stack and head covers for Inspo

Head cover, neoprene foam on stack side, plastic retaining nuts

BOV Modification - longer lever to make switching easier

Picture on right shows it fitted

Custom fitting adaptor

Another custom fitting adaptor