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After some playing about with my prototype battery canister end bung I created a base and top bung pair and curt a 300mm length of 73mm polished stainless to make a simple DIY battery canister

Canister overall view - 73mm wide 1.5mm thick polished stainless 300mm long with 2.5cm thick base bung and 3cm thick double sealed top cap

The base bung, 5 off 6mm stainless cap head allen screws with seals under them compress the two pieces to squeeze a 5mm thick O ring to make a seal

The central fitting aligns the two pieces and can be used as an attachment fitting or changed to have an 8mm threaded section for attaching, or can be replaced with a delrin plug

Side view of the base bung showing the two pieces and the 5mm O ring which gets compressed to make the seal against the inside of the stainless tube

The top bung showing 5amp switch and cable gland

Needs a switch protector making just in case and may need a hole and cap for charging depending on the battery pack used

5 off 4mm allen screws are used to compress the O ring

Side view of the top showing the two pieces that compress the 5mm O ring and the sealed bottom section with cable gland

If the switch or main cable gland were to fail the second seal and cable gland prevent the battery section flooding

The bottom of the top bung showing the seal plate and inner cable gland

The inner seal plate uses the same holes as the outer allen screws and they all have seals on them