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The plan: a prop puller for a folding prop

NOTE: This picture shows two kits: a folding prop remover and a cutlass bearing kit.

The finished prop puller plus a custom cutlass bearing removal kit - we make and sell several different types of these: see

How the prop puller works:

URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAUvLL1a4JA

How the Cutlass bearing remover/replacer works:

URL: http://www.pbo.co.uk/practical-projects/diy-cutless-bearing-extractor-26496

What's in the box: URL: Whats in the box.pdf

Pictures from the kits above in use - mouse over the image for enlarged image

All pictures taken by Rob, the customer - these show both the Prop Puller and Cutlass Bearing Kit


The folding propeller blades removed and the hub puller fitted ready for removal

Handle inserted

Bolt tightened and the hub starts to be removed

Hub off, now for the cutlass bearing

Cutlass bearing kit assembled ready to start

Tighten the nuts and the cutlass bearing starts to move

Once the old bearing is removed the plate with the smaller hole is used to replace the new bearing

A Southerly Cutlass Bearing - showing how little there is to get hold of

Kit fitted and ready to go

Slide hammer used

And its on its way

Removing a Southerly Cutlass Bearing


A larger custom Cutlass Bearing Removal and Replacement Kit

This was a custom larger kit,

Bigger and thicker plates, bolts, etc. for a much bigger Cutlass Bearing