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New Arduino based project - the electronic compass with waypoints

Parts should be arriving today for on of my latest projects which is an electronic compass made from an Arduino, a compass, an accelerometer, a real time clock, and SD card reader/writer and some switches

Specification at the moment is;

  1. turn on!
  2. at either the boat, shot, or better still bottom of shot press "home/start" button
  3. Swim off;
  4. your current bearing and speed are displayed,
  5. Your distance and bearing to "home" are displayed - this could also include 3d data as it will understand tilt so distance will always include the 3d element and display could include "3m below you" or similar
  6. have a waypoint" button that you can press when you reach any point
  7. pressing the waypoint button starts display of bearing and speed from that waypoint but bearing and distance to home is also displayed
  8. Have the ability to either quickly do a “backtrack” which reverses your route or pick an existing waypoint as the new target
  9. Unit should also be able to display depth - need to design a waterproof interface for the pressure sensor

At any point you know the direction and distance to "home" so finding  your way back to shot is easy and by selecting any of your waypoints, and optionally displaying distance and bearing to  any of them, you can backtrack your course at any point.

It would be nice if you could pre-programme a set of bearing pre-dive but the major difference between this and a surface use GPS is that usually a diver has no distance information; i.e. “we set off at bearing 123 degrees until we run into the wreck, swim around it and head 70 degrees to the separated bow, then back to the shot” rather than “set off and swim 125 metres bearing 123 degrees”

Once the bits arrive I’ll post up some more information and photo’s Update: bits have started to arrive - see Dive Compass on the Projects menu

I may even add a surface use GPS module to it as I have one in the box of bits