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We had a request to make a Delrin Canister for a FastFind PLB

The customer emailed a specification and supplied two very nice locking catches

Sealing was done with a 4mm face O ring and a 2.5mm silicon barrel O ring

The raw materials cut from 80mm delrin rod

The canister body rough shaped & sized

Boring the canister body

The depth was about the sensible limit for my 12mm boring bar so another job added to the list - make a longer heavier 20mm one that takes the same inserts

The head rough shaped & sized

Flash photo’s don't half show up every little bit of dust

Matching the head and body

The white lines are the remains of cigarette papers used to pack the head to make it a tight fit into the body - they are approx. 1.5 thou apiece

The head grooved for a soft silicon barrel ring and showing the 4mm face O ring

Ready to send, just need to pop a couple of spare O rings inside the canister and pack it in bubble wrap

New style canister with reflective tapes

Overview, showing the Yorkshire Rose on the lid

Canister comes with two solid loops for fitting onto 50mm webbing belt

The package:


O ring plus spare O ring

Silicone grease for the O ring

Four double O ring sealed canisters ready for dispatch

New style double seal lid for - very similar to the old one but with a longer barrel section, lightened, and with a 5mm face O ring and a 3.5mm barrel O ring so that there are two seals - just in case

A baby canister - inside is 50mm by 145mm sized for car keys & cash with space for a mars bar or similar

Large PLB cannister with space for a mars bar (other sweets are available) or extra essentials such as cigs

A set of PLB canisters which are on their way to Australia