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New torch made using a composite stainless steel and Acetal canister and an Acetal head on a polished stainless handle

Torch head

3 LED module, 3 settings plus strobe

Canister lid, switch, switch guard, and charging point

Torch switch, piezo pressure sensitive switch, no moving parts

Mick's torch has just been upgraded, started by chopping the cable and fitting an inline connector o that he can have a choice of head types and sizes - the inline connectors are filled with electrical potting epoxy after soldering the wires in which is the markings that are visible on the cable

These can be connected or disconnected with or without powers out of the water only, but run out at almost a twentieth the price of the equivalent E/O connectors

A new one piece body 5 LED head was fitted and after testing at Capernwray at the weekend the handle was upgraded to have the black plastic comfort grip

The 5 LED head puts out about 6,000 lumens and was pretty effective at Capernwray, particularly under the plane, inside the plane, and inside the container.

It has both a nice hot spot and decent beam spread - we will get some beam shots of it when we are back there in a few weeks.