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Brushed 316 stainless Goodman style handle, all fittings are stainless

There is a loop on top of the left hand side for attachment of a boltsnap

Assortment of holes and slots for head attachment, more can be added or customised as required

Supplied with neoprene pad to protect the torch head & two cable ties

Options include a camera attachment ball, standard 25mm ball with O ring

We can also supply additional camera mounts and mounting arms and joints including GoPro mounts

For our torches we include a thumb loop and custom head mount

We can also supply a standalone thumb loop for retro fitting, 32mm hole with a D shaped profile mounted on the base of the D, photo coming soon

Note the low profile cable ties

One of our three led multi-mode 1600 lumen torches mounted on one of our custom mounts onto one of our Goodman style handles

The custom mounts have been simplified & tidied since this picture, includes a thumb loop

Right handed handle with exterior fitting thumb loop

Thumb loop fittings

Right handed handle with exterior thumb loop - because not everyone is Doing It Left handed….

Convertible Goodman style handle

Takes a Tektite torch and camera or just one of the two

Can be supplied for other torches - I just need to know their diameter

Pop the torch into the handle and then attache the camera housing to the built in 1/4" UNC fitting

When you want just the torch you can just remove two hex fittings and the camera mount can be left in the spares bag - allen keys supplied

Ignore the extra long bolt - I didn't have any 1/4" UNC wide camera fitting bolts to hand so made up a temp fitting

And for when you just want the camera and no torch just dismantle using the supplied allen keys and refit the top section with the shorter bolts supplied and you can just take your camera.

Just realised that you could just as easily add/substitute a GoPro mount as well

I also have a smaller GoPro mount that fits directly onto the stainless mount screw on the new version 2 below

Version 2 of the handle

Shown fitted to my housing

Simplified top, proper sized screw thread length, neoprene on the part that touches the camera housing for grip and cushioning

Prototype quick release mounting

Dovetailed piece to fit on the bottom of the housing, needs a bit of neoprene on it, and a two piece mount that fits above the torch mount or directly onto the handle

"Final", for now at least, version; fitted with twin fittings under the top slide to prevent the slide sliding sideways off the mount and also with a neoprene top for better grip on the housing

Camera section of the quick release

Handle fitted with the torch adaptor and the quick release

Close up of the access to the screw which attaches the Camera - now has easier access if you are wearing gloves