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Buddy ABLJ bottle battery canister

I had a couple of Buddy ABLJ’s im my dive kit collection and neither of the bottles was ever going to be safe to be used pressurised so I decided to convert one to a battery canister.

I started by turning all the black painted finish off the cylinder and polishing it, there are a couple of areas of quite deep pitting in the aluminium which would make it unsafe for pressurisation but should be OK for use as a canister.


Corrosion on the base end of of the cylinder, this is after I had turned all of the paint and a good surface cut into the cylinder


My other cylinder, in much better condition

I stripped the valve off, which came out nice and easily and showed some nicely damaged threads on one side where the thread on the valve was very badly formed - it should never have been used as the damage to the threads meant that about 1/3 of the threads were not fully formed.


The damaged threads are at the top right hand side - flattened and not properly formed

Everything went in the ultrasonic bath for a good clean and then got boxed up as a project in progress

Bag of bits after cleaning, black thing is part of the switch mechanism that will go into the side part of the valve that would previously have been the outlet. Cable will exit the valve from the top where the handwheel would have been