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This is work in progress on a prototype Boom Brake - will be subject to change as things progress. The aim is to make a robust simple boom brake for a reasonable price. It works by tensioning the line which creates friction between the line and drum - the more friction the more braking of the boom movement.

It is made from aluminium and stainless and the centre hub will be anodised and the side plates will be anodised and coloured.

It will take lines from 8mm to 12mm and from a couple of turns up to a maximum of 5 turns of 8mm, 4 turns of 10mm, or 3 turns of 12mm line.

Central hub with side plates, line guide arms, and shackle attachment point

Shown setup with 8mm line

Showing the differences with 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm lines

Close up side view showing stainless shackle attachment point