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Various boat parts we have made to customer specifications

Pair of boom top hat bushes

These were some 316 Stainless top hat bushes to go in a Yacht boom that appeared never to have had any bushes and where there was a lot of play due to them being missing

A turning job; turned, edges broken, and polished

A boom bush and pin

Another couple of custom Yacht boom parts for a boom that had worn parts

Sizes were an interesting mix of worn parts, possibly imperial holes, and metric clearances, which had to be reverse engineered from what the customer could measure and to give running clearances

The pin is 50mm long

Rudder bushes

A couple of Acetal/Delrin bushes for a rudder that had worn out the existing nylon ones

These were “interesting” to turn as they are only 0.75mm thick and flexed a good bit when being cut to length

Split Rudder Bushes

This was a split rudder bush with the bushes split before turning to ensure correct fitting

 A custom adaptor - SDS drill to Morse Taper 2

A pair of custom waterproof canisters